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New Ad-Free Basic Plan!

We’re excited to announce a new WebProtectMe Basic plan that’s ad-free and includes Android!
It has the same great privacy and blocking you’ve come to expect from Basic, but now with support for Android Safe Browser and an ad-free experience.

All for just $2.99/month!

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade, WebProtectMe Basic is for you! 
Upgrade in-app or on our website!

…and for a limited time we’re offering 20% off both Basic and Premium.

What about Premium?

WebProtectMe Premium provides the best customized protection and monitoring! Personalize what’s blocked. Monitor the browsing activity for your family or yourself to stay accountable. Premium was made for you!

What about existing Basic customers?

Your legacy plan is now called WebProtectMe Free, and is no longer offered for new customers. Free is still ad-supported and you can upgrade to Basic or Premium at any time with a 7 day free trial (in-app). If you upgrade to Basic or Premium, it is not possible to go back to WebProtectMe Free.

How to take advantage of the new Basic.

You’ll need the latest Safe Browser on the App Store or Google Play:









If you have any questions, please ask us:

– The WebProtectMe Team!